Who is COCO-CAM?

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

COCO-CAM is the brand, but Courtney is my name.

Photo by @nobleandpure

“I am me because of you.”

I'm Courtney! A vibrant, self-motivated, creative with a strong passion for self expression! COCO-CAM.COM best captures that by featuring my modeling portfolio, writing, and interests.

Like most millennials I know, I've mastered balancing my corporate day-time gig with my truest aspirations. I work full-time as an Administrative Assistant, but to supplement my income and fulfill my passions, I model for body paint artists, collaborate with funky accessory brands, coordinate and design travel experiences for festival goers, write poetry, work on my novels, and slang dranks as a bartender. I know, sounds exhaustive! At best, my goal is to collect as much inspiration as possible, remix it, and push it back out into the universe to spark the mind of someone else, I respect the cycle of creativity, I'm happy to have role in it at all.

In understanding who I am and my purpose, I've learned that a good bit of it is not even for me. My personal fulfillment comes from when I recognize how I impact the people around me-- my peers, my family, my teammates, my clients, the people I have yet to meet, and the people I may never meet. 

So embrace what I'm offering here, whether it be laughter, deep thought, insight, or inspiration. I am me because of you.

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