There's Nothing Wrong with LovED

Photo by @nobleandpure_

There is nothing wrong with lovED

Nothing wrong with secret daydreams

Don’t hide your smirk when you think of it

Don’t not flirt because of it

Don’t dismiss it as something other than

Don’t write it off as a fling

An obsession

A moment of weakness

A regret

There’s nothing wrong with lovED

Be it a lonely love

A shared love

An old love

A new love

A lustful love

Don’t handicap your heart

There’s nothing wrong with lovED

Don’t be ashamed

Stop faking it

Embrace the warmth it brings you when you think of it

That shit felt good

That shit feels good

Feel good more

Feel good with me

Feel good with us

Those that lovED

Let’s make a pact

A not so secret society

To share those moments when we lovED

When we felt we were lovED

And when we were confused, because we felt something sparkly happening in the pit of our stomach, but it was way too soon to have dangerous thoughts like that so you brush it off with a bowl of frosted flakes, other vices, distractions, and mind tricks


You think you’ve masked the feeling

But there’s no fixing love

There’s no cure to reject or erase it

It’s found you

It wanted you

It’s made itself comfortable deep deep in your heart

It flows through your blood now

It’s an intricate complexity

That’s worth unpacking

So embrace it and carry it with you

From lover to lover

To friends to family

To strangers

Be lead with that ever-developing knowledge of love

Don’t hide it

Don’t keep it inside

It was never intended to be just for you

It’s for me

It’s for us

There’s nothing wrong with lovED

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