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  • cmarsh2013

The Girl That Got Away...

I want to be this girl for you

A certain girl

She’s grand

She’s dearing

That girl that got away

It’s how they reference her

I want her to appear for you

Like a switch

I’ve been able to turn her on

And pour her out

But I’m beginning to think she doesn’t exist anymore

She had to dip somewhere in 2019

And never came back

I’ve tried fast lovers

And spontaneous adventurous

They usually do the trick

But she doesn’t appear

I’m trying to find her for you

She knows how to love people like you

She knows how to love everyone

I thought she’d be perfect for you

But she’s missing in action

When I need her most

Because I want this the most

I feel deserted


All I want is you

But it’s not working

Because I’m not her

And if I’m not her

How did you even get here

And what do you want


What does she want

New me, who dis

- Courtney Marshall


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