I like the lingering of sugar in between my teeth

I want something sweet to taste while I sleep

I’ll be the creator of my sweet dreams

Proudly suggesting my fate

And miserably failing

Teeth slowly rotting

But still smiling

Still hiding

Still denying

This strong desire for dessert

For breakfast

For dinner

For thought

For you

I’ve settled on you

Sweetness in the morning

Sugah midday

So sweet it stings at night

So sweet it turns sour at times

Creating cavities in my mind

Black holes I’ve been smart enough to dodge

Until now

Black holes I can’t help but explore

Black holes I care less to fill

How long will this last until it’s nothing

At what point will this deteriorate

Is it worth saving at all

I wonder at 11:08

I yearn at 11:27

I give in at midnight

Photo by @nobleandpure_

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