The summer when my many shades of brown begin to perfectly blend

When the color of my thigh finally reaches the depths of the shade that covers my rear

Less makeup

More shimmer

Less underwear

More coconut oil

No worries

Just butterflies

Summer flings

Body beads


Ice cream

New sand in my toes

New wind in my nose

New friends

The ones I’ll never be able to recall by name but when I think of them I’ll smile

Rollover to the chilly side of the bed

And drift away to that moment we shared

Where we danced lawless

Laughed countless



Check this

Sweat shared only from the natural response to the native beats

Not with your hands

Not with your feet

Not with your eyes

You lead me

To move my body in foreign ways

Like mind control

You spell me with a new found spirit of joy

Of expression

Of freedom

Based off of our audience

I think this spirit looks good on me

That’s it

I’m taking it with me

My souvenir

And not the one that collects dust on a dresser

But the one I wear with pride

That I share in stride

The one that warms my toes under the sheets

And cradles me as I drift to sleep

This is the summer of sakes I’ll keep

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