10 minutes til 10

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

I want you in my bed right now

I want you in my head

I want you in control of all of my senses

I want you to want me

I want to feel it

I want to see you exhale

I want to be the reason you exhale

I want to smell me when you exhale

Exhale your relief

Exhale your gratitude

Your excitement

Your stress

Your worries

Pound them into me

I'll absorb it all for you

I was never created for me

I was created for you

So use me

Leaving nothing to spare

I trust you

I love you

Come back to me

I'm sorry

Don't hide from me

My baby

My baby

I'm hating how I've made you feel

How I'm making you feel

How I make you deal

It was hard to live with myself when I was with you

It's hard to live with myself without you

Neither are better than the other

It's 10 minutes til 10

That's 10 minutes til bedtime

10 minutes til I cry myself to sleep

10 minutes til none of this will be more important than work, my goals, my projects, my plans, my me

10 minutes til I'll be back to selfish ol' me

- Courtney M.

Photo by @apmworld

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